Teaching School Collaborative Sandwell

Specialist leaders in education (SLE)

Across Sandwell Teaching Schools and our partners we place huge emphasis on developing the leadership skills of both support and teaching staff. We are able to offer a continuum of development opportunities - everything from getting you ready for leadership through to supporting you in a Senior Leadership role and onwards to Headship. As well as opportunities targeted at leading in key phases or subject leadership there is also accredited provision for the National Professional Qualifications for Middle and Senior Leadership.

Leadership programmes regularly incorporate thinkpieces and reflective reading plus action research or in-school projects which put leadership into practice and make sure there are impacts back in school. We also encourage all leaders to be coached, and to coach others, and where possible this is also built into training programmes.

What we want for our leaders, wherever they are in their journey is that they continue to move forwards, growing in confidence and capability to be the best that they can be for our schools.